The Photography of Light

by Sir George F Pollock Bt

1928 - 2016


“Light is the energy that maintains life on earth, through the plants’ marvellous process of photosynthesis: no light, no plants; no plants, no animals, and no us. This is the secret of life, and I want to celebrate this life-giving energy in images of, about, and made by light, in other words in photographs.” George Pollock, 2009.

George Pollock’s main artistic effort had been the study and development of the photography of LIGHT as the subject of the image.  Starting in 1960, he explored every avenue.  His 1984 retrospective “Blissful Light” in the RPS Centre of Photography in the Octagon, Bath, consisted of 115 prints divided into:   early Vitrographs;   15 small Vitrographs printed on Cibachrome by Ciba, Fribourg, in 1965;   later Vitrographs, including the Spectrum series;   prints showing light observed, shaped, reflected, refracted, diffracted;   Trichromatic Dancers, a panel of 28 small prints;   photographs of murals and multiples;   and the 2-metre “Endless image in the form of a cylinder”.   He produced three Audio-Visual sequences on Light:  “Spectrum – a Legend of Creation”;   “Toccata Tryptich –  three visual interpretations of three musical versions of Bach’s Toccata in D Minor”;  and “Gloria”, a visual interpretaion of part of a modern French Mass. 


A Life with Light

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